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Take Back the Night April 17, 2008 Essay Example for Free

Take Back the Night April 17, 2008 Essay â€Å"Take Back the Night† was an evening dedicated to taking a stand against sexual violence, primarily on females. The event had many phases including musicals and spoken word performances, such as the â€Å"Denim Day† fashion show, â€Å"Walk in Her Shoes† contest, and the candlelight vigil. The event started off by introducing the concept of fighting against violence, especially those who were silenced by power. Those who were sexually violated and those who have experienced sexual violence sometime in their lives were also given much attention. â€Å"Take Back the Night† was a reclamation of the right to feel and be safe all the time, especially during the evenings. Statistics showed that an average harasser molests eighteen times before being apprehended. This was an information that surprised everyone. During the event, R. E. A. C. H peer educators were present to showcase their talents through playing music, singing, reading poetries, and sharing their feelings and emotions. The denim day fashion show presented the message, â€Å"Break the dress code, break the silence! †. It was a success for both the viewers and the organizers. The most important part of the event was the candlelight vigil. This was the time when those present were given the chance to voice out their concerns and emotions, at the same time it was a moment dedicated to silence and remembering the events that happened in the past. The event has given me more insights about sexual violence. I was deeply disheartened to hear their stories and chants about the experiences they had. It is my belief that no one can ever fully understand the difficulties and struggles these victims go through, unless the same sufferings were endured as that of the victims. I can personally say that I do not fully understand the real meaning of sexual abuse, although I, myself have experienced some during my youth. As a sixth grader, a female teacher asked me to show her my body parts because I was not paying much attention during her class. She even threatened me not to tell anyone of the incident, or else she will not be nice to me during class anymore. I was frightened, so I never said a word to anybody. A few weeks after, she came to me again. This time, she commanded me to take my clothes off, and masturbate in front of her. I did not have an idea as to what masturbation was, so she helped me. I felt broken afterwards. I do not know if this was considered as sexual abuse or not, all I knew was that she did that horrible deed unwillingly. The event helped me bridge reality with the lessons taught in class. Women were being treated as sex animals, and these treatments often lead to sexual violence. Professor Chikako Takeshita often invited guests to share some of the techniques that would be beneficial for both male and females against sexual violence. Personally, self-defense was the most beneficial for me, although I also valued the other information given, such as the hotline for both endangered and victims of sexual violence.

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